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Cananga odorata


Common uses

Calming and uplifting.  Improves intimacy, inner peace, joy 

and confidence. May help with sleeplessness.

Ideal for aromatherapy, oil burners or blend for massage. 

Can be used in candle and soap making. 


Ingredients: 100% pure essential ylang ylang oil.

Extraction method: Steam distillation.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

  • Massage

    Add approximately 10ml of essential oil to 200ml carrier oil.


    Premix 20ml of sweet almond oil with 10 drops of essential oil and pour half the amount into the bath (the balance can be used to moisturise skin after towelling dry). 


    Fill our ultrasonic aroma humidifier with water and add 5 drops essential oil.


    Add 15-20 drops essential oil to 100ml of our unscented moisturiser base to create your favourite blend. 


    Possiable irritant to sensitive skin.


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